There are few wines in this world that exude such laser like precision, finesse, delicacy, and power as the Champagnes of Marie Courtin. The domaine is run by the feisty and energetic Dominique Moreau and is named for her Grandmother Marie Courtin. The estate covers about 2 ha in the Aube. This, the most-southerly part of Champagne, has long been a sleepy back-water where growers have toiled for generations only to sell their fruit to the grand marquee in the north (who still look down on them) only to became a drop in the vinous bucket that is mass produced Champagne. In recent years though, the Aube has become the hotbed for varietal/vintage and vineyard designated champagnes - where dedicated growers can see their agricultural efforts all the way to bottle. Among Dominique's neighbours are Vouette and Sorbee, Cedric Bouchard and Jacques Lassaigne to name but a few.......

Country: France Region: Champagne
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